Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Talking on Share Radio about Article 50 and UK corporate names

You can listen to me on Share Radio in a wide-ranging conversation around Article50, political pragmatism, economic theory, the British Pound and Ryanair here.  

Theresa May will trigger Article 50 later. There'll be much scrutinising of the text of hints about where the coming negotiations are going, both in Brussels and London. The tone and the contents will form the basis for the EU's response. Joining Nigel Cassidy is Chris Bailey, Founder of Financial Orbit.

You can also listen here to me talking about today's UK corporate results and how to interpret them. 

The merger between the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Borse has been vetoed by the European Commission - so what's next? Plus Johnston Press's reports a £300 million loss and Flybe announces a profit warning. Chris Bailey, founder of Financial Orbit, joined Share Radio's Ed Bowsher to cover the day's biggest company stories.

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