Saturday, 11 March 2017

Musings on the UK budget and corporate earnings trends

A few print and audio media recent appearances...

First, my latest Yahoo Finance column titled:

The really big message from the UK Budget (that people are not talking about)

You can read this here

Next up I appeared on Share Radio musing about Europe and macroeconomics: 

British citizens should be able to keep various benefits of EU membership including freedom of movement after Brexit, the European parliament’s chief negotiator has said. Guy Verhofstadt said Britons could be allowed to keep certain rights if they applied for them on an individual basis. “All British citizens today have also EU citizenship. That means a number of things: the possibility to participate in the European elections, the freedom of travel without problem inside the union". Joining Nigel Cassidy is Chris Bailey, Founder of financial orbit to discuss today's top finance news.

You can listen to this here. 

Finally I appeared on the Vox Markets podcast: 

You can listen here. 

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