Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Appearing on Share Radio...more than once on Wednesday

I appeared on Share Radio twice today (plus once yesterday in my normal slot in the studio at 5.30pm).  First…

What is Trump’s plan of action? Chris Bailey looks back at the President’s first Congress speech
Share Radio Breakfast on Today 01 Mar 2017 (listen here). 
Donald Trump's given his first address to a joint session of Congress, where he set out in greater detail his plans to cut spending and boost the economy. So what is Trump's plan of action? Chris Bailey, Founder of Financial Orbit, joined Nigel Cassidy on Share Radio Breakfast to discuss this and more.

And second…

Snap could be valued over $20bn, ITV's mixed results and more
Share Radio Afternoon (listen here)

The much-awaited valuation of Snap, messaging service Snapchat's parent company, is imminent - what could the final number look like? Plus ITV's mixed results, the BHS pensions settlement and the wash-up from the LSE and Deutsche Boerse merger. For the day's biggest company stories, founder of Financial Orbit Chris Bailey joined Share Radio's senior analyst Ed Bowsher.

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