Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A few more recent media appearances and related articles

A few more recent media appearances and related articles...

First a couple of appearances on Share Radio to mention, one on Tuesday:

As always on a Tuesday you can listen to me at this link talking about stocks on Share Radio.

Yesterday the discussion included observations on the following plus many others: 

HSBC's shares plummet after the bank announces a fall in annual profits, Government finances record a £9.4bn surplus in January, £0.3bn higher than the same month last year and the highest January surplus for 17 years, Yahoo agrees to a $350m cut on its original $4.8bn sale of its core-business to Verizon and more.

And then one today (Wednesday) here where I comment on (among other matters): 

Lloyds 'did everything right': biggest profit since fin crisis & Hotel Chocolat in retail nirvana

Meanwhile in the latest edition of the UK Investor magazine... 

Read why apparently I think i am Tony Hadley / suffering some form of mid-life crisis here

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