Monday, 2 January 2017

"Details on how the Financial Orbit preferred list portfolios performed in Q416/FY16 + some BIG NEW NEWS"

Well it is that time again…how has the Financial Orbit preferred list group of stocks performed in Q4 (and the full year 2016)?  You can read it all here.  

I am going to let you into a secret.  The above link shows...

"...very pleasing benchmark-shredding performance in 2016"

But there is more…

I am also excited to be able to announce some new news about Financial Orbit’s activities in 2017: the launch of the first Financial Orbit investment advised UCITS fund.

I think this is an exciting step as it allows all Financial Orbit subscribers to access for the first time a fund composed of all preferred list stocks in one investment. 

In short a global fund – denominated initially in Sterling - for investors who are looking for a one-stop shop of the best stocks in the best themes in the world. 

Many more details will be forthcoming about this launch in the next few weeks as the new partners Financial Orbit has linked up with for this venture and I complete with the suitable legal authorities the prospectus for this offering. 

Suffice to say I am very excited about this…and I hope many of you reading this are excited too.  Full details will be released as soon as the prospectus is finalised.  

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