Friday, 16 December 2016

Financial Orbit's top 10 wrap-up

It is the end of the working let's get some perspective with Financial Orbit's top 10 wrap-up the best of the FO output from the last week.

Let's kick off with some macro.

1. The BIS were pretty comfy with the bond market malaise surprisingly.  Anything which raises the cost of borrowing is always problematic.  And let's face it: bonds are bad value still.

2.  Everything is awesome when the current bull market still has eleven years to run based on a replay of history.  God, investment is easy....

3. Emerging markets are disliked again.  A game of three distinct periods for EM equities this year.  I would be bullish into 2017. 

4. New fund manager survey data was out...and the dollar love-up (fear) is very clear.  

5. And the Chinese are selling Treasuries as the previous #1 holder slips to #2 behind the Japanese.  Shoring up the yuan, a complaint about the strength of the dollar or just better things to be doing with their money?  All potentially important issues for next year.  

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What else has been going on?  

6. Truly humbled to be named in the top 50 Twitter accounts investors should follow in 2017 by MarketWatch.  You can read all about it (and find lots of other great accounts) here.  

7. And the most popular tweet of the week from my @financial_orbit account?  This one responding to a poll by @DavidInglesTV on the emerging markets being a popular call for best performing region/market in 2017: 

Interesting results
I wonder if it was run today if the results would change?
(i'd still stick with the EMs)

8. I appeared again on the Vox Markets podcast.  You can listen here to my latest appearance where I talked about...a bunch of UK stocks (Sky, Centrica, Just East, JD Sport Fashion, IG Group, CMC Markets, GVC, Ladbrokes).

9. Thursday's Stocks focused on:

H&M, Syngenta, UK Brexit plays and financials including Barclays 

Friday's Stocks write-up centred on:

Novo Nordisk, Gilead, Disney, Dow Chemical and Wal-Mart.   

Get in contact if you would like to read any of these thoughts in depth. 

10. And participate in the first Financial Orbit Twitter poll by looking at my top tweet @financial_orbit

When will the peak?

Great weekend...and look out for the regular 'Stories we should be thinking about' website publication on Sunday late afternoon (UK time)

Chris Bailey

Founder, Financial Orbit Limited
Twitter: @financial_orbit

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