Monday, 17 October 2016

What I wrote to new contacts I made at the London Investor Show

This is what I wrote to new contacts I made at the London Investor Show which I attended and presented at last Friday. 

It was a pleasure to meet so many attendees of the London Investor Show last Friday and I hoped you enjoyed the day too. 
You are receiving this email because you indicated that you would like to receive some more information on Financial Orbit's range of content products for individual investors.  
I created Financial Orbit in 2013 after a successful career in global fund management because I wanted to get back to the basics of research, analysis and investment theme interpretation and away from packed meeting schedules and committees with little worth.  You can learn more about my story, my investment philosophy and the creation of Financial Orbit at as well as via an interview I gave which is available at this link
The world today is a complex, confusing place which requires clear sighted interpretations of the torrent of information out there which impact the investments we all hold in our pension funds and ISAs. To help you build both insight and wealth over time you will receive for a trial period until early November free of charge with no obligation two emails five days a week:
Financial Orbit Macro - your one-stop shop for a daily global macro briefing
Financial Orbit Stocks - core and mainstream global direct equities of interest 
Additionally you will have access to a special webinar in early November where I will review not only recent investment trends and talk about some of my current favourite global equities but also have a Q&A facility so you can ask anything you are worried and concerned about. And finally you are always welcome to reach out directly to me on your investment queries and I will give you my best thoughts on a no liability basis.   
Keep in touch too with some free content at including recently a link to my latest column forYahoo Finance titled ‘Care about global shares? Then pray for Europe…’( ).  And if you enjoy listening to the radio you can listen to me on Share Radio talking about finance, economics, companies and politics between 6 and 9am every Tuesday and Wednesday morning (Share Radio's radioplayer for live listening is available here ).
Finally I have attached a copy of the presentation I gave at the London Investor Show about ten major upcoming investment themes for the next year 
**(Chris here - if you are reading this and would like a copy of the presentation document then please email me). **
Thank you again for your interest and I look forward to helping you build your investment knowledge and wealth over time. 
Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit Limited
Twitter: @financial_orbit

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