Sunday, 22 May 2016

The last week on Financial Orbit

It was the typical busy week here at Financial Orbit.

Two videos covering my various exploits at the UK Investor Show a few weeks ago can be found here (value investing panel) and here ("balloon debate" victory).  Great fun to participate in this investor gathering for the third successive year.

I also had two contributions on the Proactive Investors website over the last week.  The first of these ('Financial Orbit analyst sees opportunities for “savvy investors” this year') was actually recorded at the UK Investor Show and can be viewed here...

...the second contribution were some thoughts on the UK retail sector which can be viewed here:

Finally on the Share Prophets website I wrote up some thoughts on Thomas Cook after their update shocker on Thursday under the title "Turkey spotting at Thomas Cook".  You can read the piece in full here.  

Turning to my content publications, this weeks Financial Orbit Macro publications included a 'sentiment special' which I believe covered some fascinating ground.  I observed that...apparently the biggest tail risk globally is Brexit.  That feels…like an over concern to me and frankly I would rate slower Chinese growth and stimulus policy impotence more highly…

Also, the UK and the Pound is more dis-liked than even commodity facing stocks. So no Brexit hello Pound strength (well the Bank of England said so much last week) as well as UK equity relative strength. 

So what stocks should you buy then?  Well the undervalued and underweight quadrant is always opportunistic…and look at the commodity-facing, industrial and financial sector exposures apparent there.  These areas should be given a decent weight.  

Financial Orbit Stocks discussed some of these opportunities from a 'preferred list' perspective.  This week I looked at results from Wal-Mart, Thomas Cook, Richemont and John Deere...and added to at least of these names. 

I kept on musing about the Financial Orbit Immediate 'best of' list too although did not add any new names to the sixteen strong list. Look out for some addition names on Monday however based on levels over the last week.  

As always if you want a two week trial of any or all of my content publications please just sent me an email. 

Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit Limited

Twitter: @financial_orbit 

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