Monday, 4 April 2016

How did the Financial Orbit Stocks preferred lists perform in the first quarter?

How did the Financial Orbit Stocks preferred list stocks perform in the first quarter?

Ahead of a webinar on Thursday 7th (details to follow) I have opened up my usually subscription-only analysis to all readers here.  

Suffice to say I am very pleased with the results - and I have tweaked the composition of the portfolios for the second quarter to help continue this performance. 

Of course such static 'one-off' research access can only provide so much of insight. As described in the 'Financial Orbit Stocks' tab above to get 5 days a week real time access to thoughts on this group of stocks as they report, exhibit share price volatility and are impacted by exogenous events subscribe to Financial Orbit Stocks.  I have even set aside a special 7 day trial period with no obligation for anyone to try it out.  

Financial Orbit Stocks: a mainstream, low turnover global best ideas stock service.  Institutional quality research at a affordable retail prices.

Chris Bailey

Founder, Financial Orbit Limited
Twitter: @financial_orbit 

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