Thursday, 7 April 2016

Free webinar today: Financial Orbit Stocks - Q1 2016 performance and Q2 2016 ideas

Free webinar today: Financial Orbit Stocks - Q1 2016 performance and Q2 2016 ideas

There are many ways to talk about direct investments.  For me it is imperative to review for news on a daily basis.  Such insights may not materially change your view but it adds to your knowledge and allows you to make even more informed decisions in the future.

The aim of Financial Orbit Stocks is very clear: via a couple of preferred stocks lists (world ex-UK and pan-European including the UK) I am trying to identify a collective group of remunerative and sleep well at night investments.  

Over the two portfolios these forty stocks (less in reality due to the double counting that sees some stocks appear in both portfolios) are the sole primary analytical focus.  Of course other companies have a walk-on part for insight, read-across and guidance but in terms of the calls made Financial Orbit Stocks sticks close to its knitting – and the only changes to composition will occur at the end of each quarter.

In short direct equity analysis of a group of companies from all around the world that make sense to me.  

I launched Financial Orbit Stocks in early January this year and five days a week (Monday-Friday) have provided preferred list insights on groups of directly invested stocks. Today’s webinar will review this performance during Q1 and talk about any changes I am suggesting for Q2. 

You can access the 30 minute (including Q&A) webinar at 4pm London (11am New York) today Thursday 7 April at the following link:

The webinar will:

·         Present Q1 2016 performance of the Financial Orbit preferred lists of global direct equities;
·         Discuss changes to this list for Q2;
·         Give opinions on the current equity market opportunity backdrop;
·         Offer an opportunity for Q&A from all participants

I hope you can join me at 4pm London time. 

Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit Limited

Twitter: @financial_orbit

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