Monday, 14 March 2016

The last week at Financial Orbit

Well what a last week at Financial Orbit

Some of you may have already noticed the updated content on the tabs at the top of the page, the most important part of which is that I am very proud to have (finally) properly launched the Financial Orbit Macro and Financial Orbit Stocks products to a group of intrepid subscribers whose faith, support and interest I am hugely grateful for.

To those of you who are not currently a subscriber but want a five days a week macro summary, access to my thoughts on a set of core investment larger cap global direct equities and/or a capability to not only listen/watch my online webinars but ask me the burning investment and related questions on your mind please do not hesitate to request the one week free trial for either (or both) products.

It was a busy week for other reasons too.  Many readers will know that I am a regular on Share Radio now and you can hear me (typically) talking about a range of investment, economics, politics and (live) company appraisal on a Tuesday and a Wednesday morning 6-9am (UK time) on the Morning Money programme with the excellent Sarah Lowther no matter where you are in the world 

Additionally I made my first appearance live in the studio of Bloomberg Radio (very nice to meet @nejracehic)...

...was quoted at length in an excellent piece by Noel Peatfield on whether 'social media is becoming a better tool for those hoping to get a clearer picture of the markets'...

...and participated in a podcast hosted by Zak Mir with a very wide-range of subjects: 

The Queen says she neutral on the EU, but does anyone believe her? Can market forces really control migration? And what's going to happen on Budget day? Zak's joined by Andrew Bell, CEO of Regency Mines, Chris Bailey from Financial Orbit and Killik's Rachel Winter.

I am also really pleased to have found time to upload a posting on the ShareProphets website, write my usual Stories we should be thinking about posting on a Sunday afternoon/evening and have the opportunity bring you an excellent guest post earlier today (link here). 

More to come over the next month or two?  Absolutely.  

As always please feel free to get in contact about the above or - in fact - anything at all. 

Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit Limited

Twitter: @financial_orbit 

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