Friday, 26 February 2016

The last week on Financial Orbit

A busy week with various macro excitements and certainly plenty of company reporting.

Financial Orbit Macro chronicled every business day morning the evolving macroeconomic scene. My favourite charts of the week?

Well Brexit fear was high (and that hurt the British Pound)... 

 ...meanwhile the G20 are meeting in Shanghai, China but I don't think they will discuss a policy of pushing down the US dollar (which I think will help balance the global economy better):

 Meanwhile I am still musing about whether sentiment is too poor versus reality (and supportive of this of course stock markets have had another reasonable week crawling up that wall of worry):

And finally, I am sure this is just coincidental but I was amused by this volatility / Trump correlation: 

The last week or so has continued to be a very heavy corporate results period with multiple numbers and related updates for Financial Orbit Stocks to appraise.  Among the stocks and themes covered in the once a business day updates on the two Financial Orbit preferred lists included
  • The weekly preferred list name and performance update;
  • Billiton numbers are among the update on preferred list stocks today;
  • In lieu of actual portfolio reporters, let’s have a look at the bigger movers in both the preferred lists for some interesting at the margin buying/accumulation options;
  • Thoughts on the AIA numbers out of Hong Kong earlier and some quick comments on Yum! Brands.  Otherwise enjoy the rally on nearly all the names on the preferred list;
  • Thoughts on BASF (who reported today) plus Dow Chemical, Marriott and GlaxoSmithKline (with a mention of Gilead too)

Finally Financial Orbit Immediate also covered the global earnings season generally outside the range of my preferred stocks.  A selection of the topics written up is below - another busy week!
  • Lots and lots of earnings today…let’s start in the UK with Lloyds, RSA and BAT.
  • Thoughts on three Tuesday reporters in the UK market: Standard Chartered, Croda International and GKN
  • Some thoughts on US numbers today from Foot Locker, Honeywell/United Technologies and Hilton Worldwide
  • A final earnings appraisal today…Apache the US oil entity
  • Some thoughts on the RBS numbers out this morning in the UK
  • Some thoughts on the HSBC quarterly comments which were out today
  • More earnings appraisal...NN Group and Anheuser-Busch InBev

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Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit
Twitter: @financial_orbit

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