Saturday, 30 January 2016

The last week on Financial Orbit

What a busy earnings season week!  Much more to come on that front...

It has been a very busy week on the range of Financial Orbit publications too.  

Financial Orbit Macro chronicled every business day morning the breaking macro news.  My favourite chart of the week?  The flow of money into money market funds shows the build-up of fear in recent months...but also the opportunity that is building. 

Good therefore to see global equity markets have another better week reflecting my opportunistic commentary bias as January has progressed.  

There were a number of earnings and related updates for Financial Orbit Stocks to appraise.  Among the stocks and themes covered in the once a business day updates on the two Financial Orbit preferred lists included:
  • Updates on names like Schlumberger, Barclays and Royal Dutch Shell…plus an observation that we are moving into the peak earnings season period. 
  • Some thoughts on comments by BASF, an event at Royal Dutch Shell and insights from a peer with relevance for Nokia;
  • Thoughts on Royal Dutch Shell (BG), Barclays, GlaxoSmithKline, Barclays, BHP Billiton, Gilead, Carnival and Hershey;
  • Thoughts on names such as Tiffany’s, Dow Chemical, Billiton and Royal Dutch Shell;
  • Results from preferred list stock Electrolux and another quick comment on Royal Dutch Shell

Finally Financial Orbit Immediate also covered the global earnings season generally outside the range of my preferred stocks.  A selection of the topics written up: 

  • Thoughts on Potash Corp, Mead Johnson and Harley Davidson
  • Thoughts on Facebook, eBay, PayPal and Diageo;
  • Thoughts on the Novartis and Santander numbers
  • Best bits of the Apple quarterly report as I see it
  • Thoughts on today’s numbers from P&G, Johnson & Johnson and 3M
  • Thoughts on the capital markets day from Kingfisher;
  • Some European economic thoughts post the German IFO;
  • Thoughts on Roche, Alibaba, Altria and CAT following their respective results publication today. 
  • I wrote up Halliburton one of the key peers to Schlumberger who reported on Friday (and who are a FO Preferred List stock);
  • I also wrote up – and established levels that I would buy – well-known consumer plays Kimberly-Clark and McDonald’s

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Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit
Twitter: @financial_orbit

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