Friday, 15 January 2016

More on next steps at Financial Orbit

Well - what a week.  Global financial markets had a well-documented difficult first week of 2016 and the second one has scarcely been easier.  

Of course there is only one action for such financial markets...and that is to think, write and communicate even more.  

Some of you may have noted that there have been no new updates on since Sunday and the regular Stories we should be thinking about.  It simply has been a hugely busy week interpreting and reviewing the markets and bedding down the launch of my new Financial Orbit services Macro, Stocks and Immediate.  

Probably most of you will have seen the update I wrote at the turn of the year about the next steps for Financial Orbit (please also see a copy of this at one of the tabs above).  It feels the right time to take the Financial Orbit brand to the next level - and market volatility over the last week or two have only reiterated these thoughts. Simply put there is an ever greater need for timely, to-the-point but thorough and provocative financial markets research covering macroeconomic trends, investing themes, foreign exchange and commodities plus - of course - international large cap equities.  

I hope most of you are currently receiving at least a couple of the new Financial Orbit services Macro, Stocks and Immediate everyday.  It is via these products that the views and opinions espoused on this website over the last couple of years plus will now predominately be found - although I still will be writing regular posts like the aforementioned Sunday afternoon (GMT) Stories we should be thinking about here for all to view. 

So what have the three new services been talking about over the last week?  

For Macro the focus has unsurprisingly been on the sharp shifts in global markets over the last week.  I typically try to publish Macro at around 0700 GMT in order to capture the key insights from the end of the US trading day, the heart of the Asian trading day and the early insights from Europe. Normally the publication is around ten pages long with fifteen plus charts and associated commentary and links. The aim is to provide that one-stop Macro view that can give financial market participants or interested amateur investors top-down insights that can help shape their investment decisions or allocations.  

I will also be hosting a webinar later in the month only for Macro distribution list recipients to review the first few weeks of January 2016 in aggregate.  

If you would like to be added to the once a day Macro distribution list then please email me at 

For Stocks after the publication in early January of my preferred lists (one list of 20 global ex-UK stocks and one list of 20 pan-European including the UK stocks) every day reviews newsflow and related insights for these names specifically.  Every Monday I formally review the performance of the names to try and find additional insights. 

The aim of these two lists - and the constant updating on only these names - is undertaken with the aim of generating core stock lists for the mainstream larger cap equity investor no matter where you are in the world.  The composition will change over time - as opportunities wax and wane - but the core aim is to be lower turnover and total return in orientation (a common theme among many of the names is a good balance sheet / cash flow and dividend generation capability).  

Stocks is also a once-a-day product although the publication time is not as fixed as Macro.  Again I will be hosting a webinar later in the month only for the receiving distribution list to review the first few weeks in January for the list of stocks that make up the two 20 strong portfolios.  

If you would like to be added to the once a day Stocks distribution list then please email me at 

Immediate is a different type of product as it is typically published two or three times a day.  As the name suggests it focuses more on breaking news specifically thoughts from company conference calls (after results updates), economic insights after major releases and additionally my own trading thoughts as opportunities unfold in stocks across the market outside of those covered by the Stocks product.  

In short it is the closest product of the three to sitting on my shoulder and watching/listening to me appraise the markets in their totality over the day.  

By the very nature of the product distribution times are more random (and so far have been as early as 5am GMT and as late as 11pm GMT!) but more typically than not are in the early hours of the European or US market sessions or after the US close.  With the quarterly earnings season yet to fully get into gear expect the Immediate product to be regularly published three times a day over the next few weeks.  

I have described the Immediate product as being more relevant for active traders given the preponderance of more breaking and tactical views and opinions.  

Additionally all Immediate subscribers will be offered a conference call opportunity with me over the next few weeks to discuss the markets, the macro scene, individual equities, multi-asset class matters...or anything else in the investment world.  

If you would like to be added to the Immediate distribution list then please email me at 

Thanks very much for reading and feel free to get in touch on the above matters...or anything else at all. 

Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit Limited

Twitter: @financial_orbit 

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