Monday, 4 January 2016

Financial Orbit wrap 04/01/16

Five sentences or graphics which sum up the Financial Orbit output over the last 24 hours across the website, twitter account and anything else thought about...

1. Financial Orbit next steps - today saw the launch of three new products: Financial Orbit Macro, Financial Orbit Stocks and Financial Orbit Immediate. You can read about the three products here and - more importantly - sign up for free 30 day (no obligation) trial by simply sending me an email at

2. Financial Orbit macro - saw the launch of my '16 macro themes for 2016'.  After such a dramatic first trading day of the year...even more important to think big picture and see some of the (potential) full year 2016 trends.  If you would like to receive the report and also receive Financial Orbit Macro for the next 30 days just send me an email.

3. Financial Orbit stocks - I shared my list (and associated write-up) of '20 global (non-UK stocks for 2016' in today's Financial Orbit Stocks.  Tomorrow will see the write-up for my already published list of '20 pan-European (including UK) stocks for 2016'.  Again if you would like to receive this report and also receive Financial Orbit Stocks for the next 30 days just send me an email.

4. Financial Orbit Immediate - my service for more active investors offering 2-3 emailed content pieces covering earnings conference call feedback, economics and central bank appraisal and any breaking market views and actions also launched today.  Not too many company announcements were prevailing...but there was plenty of economics and market volatility related talk including my take on the bevy of manufacturing PMI numbers released today. Again if you would like to receive Financial Orbit Immediate for a 30 day trial then please just send me an email.

5. And finally...not the greatest updated Atlanta Fed data for Q4 US GDP at 0.7%.  Well one of my themes was that the level of US Federal Reserve interest rate increases would be a lot lower than policy makers are guiding...

...but at least it was only the eighth worst opening day after briefly being the worst since 1932!

(h/t for graphic @RyanDetrick) 

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