Friday, 27 November 2015

A few macro and related thoughts today

A few macro and related thoughts today... is the day:

Black Friday: How to survive the shopping frenzy of the year (link here) apparently “Prepare yourself by getting both elbows at the ready as shops predict brawls” apparently 

So why is it called Black Friday? Link here.  

If you ask one of those frenzied shoppers how Black Friday got its name, they will likely tell you it has to do with the day after Thanksgiving sales moving retailers from the red (or a profit loss) to the black (or a profit gain.) That's not exactly right, though.

Still, provides a good insight into spending and - of course - the ever increasing online quotient: 

Portugal - Portugal's 10-year yield…has dropped every day since the Portuguese President appointed socialist leader Antonio Costa as Prime Minister on Tuesday’.  Sounds risk-averse but this article highlights residual fear for the country and what it could mean for the Eurozone 

Asia Chinese industrial profits fell 4.6% year-on-year in October second-worst reading this year.  However the Chinese statistics bureau made additional remarks: Hi-Tech sector profit +14.2% YoY, Equipment Mfg +8.6%, Consumption related +4.3%.  The key to understanding China is still all about the transition of the economy...

Meanwhile in Japan a bunch of mixed data makes me remark on Twitter:

So data...negative consumer spending, reluctant inflation numbers & a jobless rate influenced more by demographics than policy. Hmm

Christmas Presents - if you were looking for something for the finance and related person in your life you could do a lot worse than (link here): 

"The Devil's Financial Dictionary," which features satirical, yet insightful definitions that decode the meaning of everyday financial jargon.

e.g. Forecasting (n.)
The attempt to predict the unknowable by measuring the irrelevant; a task that, in one way or another, employs most people on Wall Street.

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