Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Financial Orbit's 29 additional finance people to follow on Twitter

You may well have seen this excellent list of 'The 129 finance people you have to follow on Twitter' published earlier today. It truly is an excellent list and I enjoy the commentary, updates and insights from many of the names mentioned and I would encourage you to follow as many as you can.  

'Finance Twitter' is growing fast however and looking through the list I felt some excellent tweeters were missed out. Comprised solely of those overlooked by the Business Insider list (but who in my view fulfil the criteria of knowledge, wit, insight and acumen) in alphabetical order here is 'Financial Orbit's 29 additional finance people to follow on Twitter' 

@AlastairWinter - global macro insights and the occasional blast from his Italian holiday home. If you ask Alastair nicely he may put you onto his newsletter distribution list. 

@Brenda_Kelly - if it is moving either side of or during the London market hours then Brenda is
usually on a whole range of other stuff

@Callum_Thomas - as Callum is based in New Zealand his macro and related insights are hugely time complementary.  An ace with creating thought-provoking charts. 

@Eurofaultlines - much, much more than just chronicling the issues within the euro area.  Brilliant editing of the deluge of investment bank research to those few nuggets of useful stuff

@DonDraperClone - am still trying to work out the reasoning behind the Twitter handle but a great mixture of macro/micro and economic/political observations

@FerroTV - at the heart of the action on morning business TV...and it shows in Jonathan's twitter stream.  If it is breaking in London trading hours often one of the first with a killer chart

@fion_li - want to know what is going on in Hong Kong and the broader Asia region?  Few offer as many linked insights as Fion.  Some great food shots too. 

@GaveKalCapital - these guys make me feel dumb.  Some really clever market/macro analysis.  Very underrated.  

@GreekAnalyst - of course very good on all matters Hellenic but increasingly making me thing about other matters too

@HaidiLunCNA - pan-Asian insights with a little more focus on China and Australia.  Includes not only great finance sourcing but numerous amusing GIFs and the like

@markbartontv - Twitter immediately became a smarter place when Mark reasonably recently joined. A whizz at creating charts that make you think. I miss his 2.07am alarm call profile background picture. 

@minefornothing - finance, politics, a health slab of euro scepticism and many, many LOLs

@moved_average - looking for some smart comments / chart that puts economic data into context?  Ioan provides a busy stream of insights. 

@NickatFP - so much going on Nick's feed I just don't know how Business Insider missed him out.  Again a great newsletter to sign up to.  

@Not_Jim_Cramer - as the handle suggests not the CNBC host but instead a range of (mostly Americas) macro/micro analysis and super related charting 

@JLyonsFundMgmt - along with a couple of names mentioned on the Business Insider list the person who I learn the most from about US market structure and performance

@linzcom - Australia-based and suitably lots of analysis on the Aussie property market and general economy amongst other things.  I enjoyed Lindsay's book too 

@livesquawk - if you forced me to just follow one twitter feed I think it would be these guys.  So much each day: top breaking news and related effort

@Market_Matter - nice wide set of insights from (at least for me) some relative new kids on the block at NN Investment Partners

@MarkYusko - seems to know almost anyone worth knowing and as an active fund management practitioner you get a commercial overlay too.  Throws in a bit of Spanish too to keep readers on their toes

@PatrickMcGee_ - I could easily have put the general Fast FT handle in here which is simply almost always utterly brilliant but Patrick gets the nod as his Asia based output more often than not helps set me up for a new day

@PlanMaestro - difficult not to learn something from the regular 'chartstravaganza'.  I often learn a lot

@RaoulGMI - another far-too-cool-for-school macro strategist and thinker.  What do you mean you have never looked at RealVisionTV?

@sobata416 - Shane's a young guy with a big future.  Super mix of sources, charts and insights.  Something for everyone. 

@Schuldensuehner - got to have a view from Berlin...and on so much more. 

@ScouseView - Mark adds a bit of humour to real insight and a careful selection of those far more interesting than average thoughts.  If you don't know what 'Scouse' means, look it up! 

@Smaulgld - Louis is the man to go to for gold/precious metal insights and lots of general applications to the broader macro scene

@WorthWray - Worth resides on the West Coast having started a smart new job helping to further augment the flow of global macro insights with a slight focus on Asia and development matters

@WrigleyTom - fantastic trader insights and an untouchably brilliant US week ahead earnings graphic creator

Give it another year and I am pretty certain that I can easily find another 29 fantastic names even the updated Business Insider list misses!