Monday, 24 August 2015

Financial Orbit wrap 24/08/15

Five sentences or graphics which sum up the Financial Orbit output over the last 24 hours across the website, twitter account and anything else thought about...

1. What a volatile day...

2. I write in my latest Yahoo Finance Contributors column about how volatile markets can create opportunities for the brave when sentiment is low using the example of the German Dax index. 

3. Biggest decline in a number of indices in multiple years for example the UK FTSE-100:

As for currencies the US dollar waning helped push the euro to eight month highs plus the yen rose back to the mid 118s which means Japanese futures tomorrow are weak.  However certain emerging market currencies remained difficult e.g. this report highlighting 20+ year lows for Latam currencies.  

4. Still maybe Goldman Sachs pulling their tactical thoughts to 'neutral' from 'overweight' offers some contrarian opportunity: 

5. And, of course, other things are happening:

Ukraine creditors offer a 20% haircut to help debt deal?

Monsanto to offer Syngenta sharesholders a higher price to get the deal done? (link here)

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