Sunday, 9 August 2015

Financial Orbit Presents - an update

A quick update on my Financial Orbit Presents initiative which I launched at the time of my two year anniversary post last month (link here).  First I commissioned the excellent and highly recommended @kaykdesign at to produce a logo for the initiative:

Second I am delighted to announce the first batch of presentations - with more to come including potentially a first international (non-UK) presentation.  More on that hopefully early next week. 

So am very pleased to announce you can hear me speak at the following conferences over the next few months: 

15 September 2015 - at the Afro Business Expo in Reading speaking on the investment case for Africa. You can register for this conference here. As the organiser notes:

The Afro Business Expo creates an avenue for UK businesses to partner and invest in viable SMEs in Africa. From IT, Energy, Property Development, Manufacturing, Retail, Agriculture, Export and many more, join us at the Green Park Conference Centre, Reading, Berkshire UK to identify and develop business with Africa in a secure environment.

23rd October 2015 - at the London Investor Show speaking on five global investment themes for 2016.  The organisers of the conference...

...have even offered Financial Orbit readers concessionary free access entry:

Friends of Financial Orbit will have concessionary free access to The London Investor Show, allowing you to book an entry ticket free of charge, saving £25 on the door.   Please register online, and insert the voucher code into the box at the foot of the registration page in order to remove the entry cost.

Book your complimentary ticket HERE – please remember to insert the voucher code “FINANCIALORBIT” at the foot of the registration page to activate the complimentary booking (

All delegates receive a Welcome Delegate Pack with special offers and free samples, and your own edition of the London Investor Show Event Guide, containing full exhibitor and speaker listings, and programme details for the event.

28 November 2015 - at the Gold, Bears & Traders conference in London.  I am down to speak as a 'trader' but readers of this website will know I can speak coherently on the gold and the bear case too!

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