Saturday, 20 June 2015

The most popular posts over the last week

A list of the five most popular posts on over the last week plus a bonus posting of one which did not make the top five. 

1. The most popular post of the last week was the Sunday evening (GMT) regular 'Stories we should be thinking about' which is linked here.  

2. The second most popular post was this macroeconomic selection which including thoughts on Greece, China and a question which a majority of a financially literate audience got wrong.  

3. Ahead of Camp Alphaville 2016 on 1 July my write-up of the 2015 gathering attracted some interest and ended up the third most viewed posting of the last week.  Link here.  

4. Thursday's wrap was the fourth most viewed post covering the FOMC meeting, the Ukraine and concerns over GREXIT.  Link here.  

5. My write-up post Wednesday's FOMC meeting was the fifth most popular post.  Link here

And the bonus link?  The latest Financial Orbit Speaks of course (link here) - which was released late on Friday.  

Financial Orbit Speaks is a regular macroeconomic and stock specific enhanced podcast by Chris Bailey, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Financial Orbit Limited.

This edition includes thoughts on high volatility in the Chinese equity market, the low GDP growth assumptions by the Federal Reserve, the latest from Greece and the Ukraine plus why active investment/knowing your investments is currently so important.    

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