Sunday, 7 June 2015

Stories we should be thinking about

A few finance and related stories we need to be thinking about before Monday morning:

Macro matters:

A MUST READ is this article on how Russia and China are looking to boost the growth of a non US dollar zone way beyond just signing agreements in different currencies but extending into a much broader utilisation of a gold zone.  Usefully, of course, both Russia and China are large gold reserve holders and producers...

'What’s holding back wage growth, a key to an even stronger economy, is an unusually high number of people who still can’t find full-time work six years into a recovery'.  Thoughtful short piece here.

On a related point, some excellent graphics here from Sober Look in a piece about changes in the US housing market especially with regard to the deteriorating economics for renters and the declining home ownership rate:

I had not come across this Pew Research study on thoughts about the European Union released during the last week until the weekend.  The most striking observations to me were a growing positiveness towards the region...

...and a further shift away in the likelihood of a Brexit:

Greece is going to be all over the headlines again this week.  Amazing exodus of labour statistics...

Why has bitcoin not lifted off?  Useful article here which observes:

'Paying in bitcoin, however, means that the consumer must endure the cost of exiting the dollar ecosystem and entering the bitcoin ecosystem'.

"Momentum" has...momentum! (link here)

 I like this list about the 10 biggest lies in financial services here

Company-related observations:

How Apple is competing against in various subscription-based music channels (link here).  How many will you have heard of?

Apple will kick off its Worldwide Developers Conference Monday in San Francisco.  A good preview and thought piece around this here.  

Valuation multiples of a number of the leading US oil services companies: 

Why uncertainty over a lawsuit is threatening the hopes of the UK government to sell a lot more RBS shares (link here).

Nice article on my favourite gold mining stock Randgold with similar positive conclusions to my own

Interesting on Brown-Forman due to illiquidity in the tightly held A shares: 'the A shares have never traded more than $2.98 above the B shares until now, where they are trading $13 above the B shares as on the June 2nd market close'

Look at Google the largest company that does not pay dividends. I think that may change...

And finally...

Fascinating on the mis-spelling in a name of a great racehorse (link here)

(h/t @MarkBrant1KM)

Interesting graphic on language...

A brilliant list of dos and don'ts when drinking with clients (link here

Have a good week

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