Saturday, 6 June 2015

Most popular posts of the last week

Here are the five most popular posts of the last week on a bonus posting of one that did not appear in the top five.

1. The most popular post of the last week was the Sunday regular Stories we should be thinking about.  Link here.

2. The second most popular post was this macro thoughts compilation which included observations on German bunds, Greece and commodity correlations. Link here.

3. The third most popular posting were my performance statistics for my personal portfolios during May.  Thanks again Syngenta and Telecity! Link here.

4. The fourth most popular post was my write-up on a strong brand business: Visa.  Link here.

5. Still in the top five (now for a month!) was my write-up from day one of the epic SIC 2015 conference in San Diego which was a great and inspiring event (link here).

And a bonus link?  This week something different, a bonus advertisement: watch out later today for the latest Financial Orbit Speaks my enhanced podcast on global investment and related matters.

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