Friday, 8 May 2015

Financial Orbit wrap 08/05/15

Five sentences or graphics which sum up the Financial Orbit output over the last 24 hours across the website, twitter account and anything else thought about...

1. So the UK General Election was a surprise...and UK assets at least for today were cheered.  Shows you cannot trust the polls...I write up a few thoughts here on Yahoo Finance Contributors.

2. Very interesting piece on Chinese debt levels here (including some great charts like the one below)

3. I write up some thoughts on Apache's numbers yesterday which were rather complex...but I still see value (link here). 

4. Whilst another large pension holding of mine - the Swiss/US listed agricultural entity Syngenta - rejected a healthy bid from global peer Monsanto.  I muse on this here.  

5. And finally...have a good weekend.  

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