Friday, 17 April 2015

A few macro and related headlines today

A few macro and related headlines today.  As there is a lot of corporate reporting today apologies for the slightly reporting nature of the comments...

Dollar stumble and DAX  euro rises to high 1.07s vs the $ and hence immediately DAX falling below 12,000 index points! 


German realities – FT reporting that Mrs Merkel facing increased amounts of domestic political opposition to continued support of Greece;

Central banks in Europe - want an indication that there are still huge gaps in the German-Greece relationship? The German Finance Minister Mr Schäuble quipped that he would not change jobs with Mr Varoufakis, who is due to address the same think tank later on Thursday. "Today the Greek government has difficult challenges; I'd never change my job for him."

Amazing bubbles chart - extrapolate this a bit further and we will be close to having permanent bubble conditions! 

China Shanghai Composite Index heading for a sixth straight week of gains.  Turnover was 64 per cent above the 30-day average as mainland investors speculate on further gains despite a deteriorating economy.  Lots of good stats here and an indication that the Shanghai Composite is actually a domestic laggard (!) here: 

M&A in perspective – despite some big recent efforts still not an urge to merger akin to the around ten years ago...

UK consumer – how people currently feel...apparently progressively better.  Well the data is presented via a credit card company!

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