Monday, 9 February 2015

A few charts today - Europe, productivity and Twitter brands

A few charts of interest today.

DAX versus Dow in local currencies is rather striking...

...of course one has been helped by a weak currency and one hindered by a strong one.  

Talking about euro and Europe I thought this snippet from today's Financial Times nicely highlighted the current debate in financial circles.  

Europe has serious challenges.  Later I will discuss some of the events of the weekend including global disagreements over both Ukraine and Greece.  I am afraid the signalling from negative bond yields remains very cautious/indicative of a warped backdrop... do these productivity statistics.  Germany with weak productivity growth?  Austerity can drive productivity through necessity...

Finally, amusing that respectively a Google and Facebook owned brands are the most popular on Twitter (whose eponymous brand is only in the bronze medal position...) 

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