Saturday, 31 January 2015

The latest edition of Financial Orbit Highlights is out

Please find a link to the latest edition of Financial Orbit Highlights here

‘All that effort just to support a desperate neutrality…’

The first Highlights since mid-January due to travel finds the global financial markets at a similar point to which we left it: troubled and hence volatile.  Still opportunistic too of course but you need to be brave, skilled or lucky (or maybe all three…).

So what were my highlights of the last week?
  • US – confidence AND dumping earnings momentum;
  • FX – currencies matter and they are volatile;
  • Global – the growth and QE dance;
  • Japan – Abenomics’ shabbiness continues;
  • Europe – Greece, negative bond yields and the flight for junk;
  • China – services hopes versus industrial realities;
  • China #2 – what currency are you wiring with?;
  • And finally…working hard for a neutral result

Chris Bailey                                                                                 
Founder, Financial Orbit

Twitter: @financial_orbit

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