Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Charts today selection

A few charts today that strike me as interesting:

Via today's Financial Times the 'advanced economies' may have the wealth but they have the debt too...

Talking about debt, it is interesting to see the differential in the holders of different government debt markets.  Would this make any Eurozone potential plan to rope in national central banks to help impose any QE problematic/cause differentiated outcomes?  I suspect so (I think Europe has to do 'proper' QE or no QE at all...)

Via @MktOutperform a great guide to bond market performance differentiations.  Rush to 'quality' here...

...unsurprisingly not the greatest news for UK pension deficits (or any pension deficits):


Nice visual display of earnings trends in the US. Note nearly all are 'below the line'...of course the energy sector by far the worst:

If the worst is over then the US breakeven rate would probably not be doing this...

...nor the VIX showing such signs of a bit of a pick-up in 2014 (and I believe into 2015 too)

(via the VIX & More blog)

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