Friday, 2 January 2015

Charts today - '14 retrospective, Europe, Japan, oil volatility & how we spend our time on Devices

A few quick charts and thoughts on this first business day of 2015...

First a quick reprise on 2014 at a multi-asset class level...

...whilst for global stock markets:
Europe heavily mentioned in the above 'losers' list.  Mario Draghi in his new year interview highlighted lots of problems/challenges (link here). Meanwhile I totally agree with the sentiment expressed here by the Air Liquide CEO in today's Financial Times: supply side reform or risk a Japanese-esque stagnation.  

Talking about Japan what an interesting demographic chart:

Back to Europe and a big year for the UK.  I liked this graphic in today's Financial Times: it strikes me that the three issues below are hugely critical...given none of the economist's polled believed there would be a rate rise in the first half of 2015 (i.e. pre election): 

A couple of final charts...first a striking one on crude oil volatility/price...

 ...and how we are spending our time on iOS and Android connected Devices:

My guess would be that oil volatility has probably peaked...whilst the absolute time on our Devices certainly has not meaning the battle for 'our eyeballs' is going to continue apace in 2015.  The information/mobile/technology world will continue to be an interesting one to invest in.

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