Monday, 19 January 2015

Charts and stories today

So a new week...but still the same low inflation influences as shown by this data out from Australia early on Monday:

Of course hand-in-hand with this is the decline in commodity prices and hence commodity influences on growth.  This Bloomberg piece nicely indicates ongoing transition in the Chinese economy.  The BHP Billiton share price is also a great signal - up strongly today in Australia following on from Friday in Europe/the US: interesting times / big levels for this out-of-favour share: 

Also indicating an out-of-favour orientation is this excellent chart from an insightful wider report here on the US Mint's use of silver:

Finally, Robert Main's weekly chart package (link here) has been mentioned a number of times before.  This week I particularly enjoyed his common sense and important insights on the Swiss franc... well as thoughts on the Danish krone, Apple and China.  

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