Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Asia today - Chinese confidence/cult of personality, Australian charts, Japanese bearishness

A relatively quiet day considering everything in the Asian markets.  A well-respected Chinese confidence measure showed generally good progression...

...although I note that at a reading of 112.5 this is a few points below the recent multi-year average.  

Staying in China I noted in my 15 Macro Thoughts for 2015 (link here) that thinking about the cult of President Xi was important (and more important than the obsession with Chinese growth rates).  To this end I thought this was a fascinating graphic:

A bunch of Australian charts were released earlier today by the RBA.  A great selection of these charts can be found here.  My favourite one is below - relative prudence by government...but as for individuals...

Stat of the day in Asia surely has to be this one via Bloomberg on Japan:

Short-selling on the Tokyo Stock Exchange reached 37.8% total trading value yesterday, the highest since at least October 2008

Cannot think what they might be selling for in anticipation of a loss of confidence from...

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