Thursday, 13 November 2014

Twitter - my ten favourite slides from the inaugural investor day

Twitter held its inaugural investor day yesterday.  I have been a supporter (and avid user!) of the stock since its IPO and continue to look for opportunities to build my pension fund position as recently described here.

So what were my favourite charts from the event?  Here's my top ten...and I certainly remain long the stock.  After a junk rating applied by S&P (a bit rude for a net cash company but I guess they do not get 'the vision')  I may even get the opportunity to buy some more stock sub US$40...

The power of compounding: look at those differences in time when Twitter reaches 1 billion users...

...and surely that growth is going to come predominately from outside the US?:

Getting those users in will determine what the company's revenue growth profile will be like versus other technology behemoths: 

So why don't people use Twitter?  Comes down to two simple statements: 
So a tweet ends after you sent it? Most certainly not...

The company has got to keep pushing over the next year...

 ...and essentially selling to marketeers the matched audience:

So does it work? I was impressed by these interaction benefits...
 ...and these too:

More users and/or higher ad load factor are the keys.  Simple really!  


  1. Fascinating how Twitter is a business but also a living breathing global creature comprised of its cellular content providers who cannot live without it anymore than they can live without food air and water!

  2. I never would have thought it before I joined 18 months ago but today Twitter is essential and I cannot imagine not being without it for investment related matters...and much more. More force to the stock!