Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Charts today - expensive sectors, Apple, oil and cybercrime

Four charts that spoke to me today.

GaveKal Capital had this fascinating chart on a very interesting posting which observed:

'Not A Single Developed Sector Is Trading Below 22x P/E'

Reiterates my view that this market is all about alpha and not beta...

One stock that has done very well is Apple.  Excellent chart via @Brady_FBN indicating that Mr Cook has almost doubled the shares under his CEO tenure.  (I also note the potential double top at US$100!!)

So my question is, in this Bank of America-Merrill Lynch chart highlighted by @liamdenning is correct...then why is the oil price not materially higher?  Conditions for an energy price spike in the winter building?

Finally from @EY_UKI a warning that cybercrime is a worry...especially in the UK.  I agree on the global of the reasons why I am long Symantec.

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