Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Three new technology charts i have come across today - bitcoin, social media and mobile

Three interesting new technology charts I came across today. 

bitcoin prices have been volatile recently following the well-publicised Mt Gox issues (see here for a reasonably recent update).  What I noted about the bitcoin price action was that, over the last 24 hours, it troughed at US$500 / a bitcoin.  Interesting round number...  As discussed before, when bitcoin pushes below US$500 and stays there for a couple of days, I will write an update post to this one.  bitcoin still interests me... 

I wrote up Twitter and LinkedIn in recent days (see links here and here), so I thought this chart was interesting.  Proportional interest is rising...but, at least for adults, Facebook remains the default social media site. 

Mobile trends have benefited companies like Google in particular as 'on the move' digital consumption booms in the West.  As is often the case though, emerging markets can jump a technological generation as this interesting statistic on India shows

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