Sunday, 9 February 2014

The week in review - stocks and positions

The week in review - stocks and positions
At the end of each week I will briefly list some investment positions that I am - or have been - active in over the last week.  Again, the rationale is to share process and thoughts.  You know the disclaimer to the right.  

A more positive week for equity markets after the more (downward) volatility of the last couple of weeks.  The broad justification for individual position action was more driven by the quarterly corporate earnings cycle than technical or level considerations per se. 

Long / added to / closed shorts -

Agco - following results I added to my position in the agricultural machinery company.  Link here

Philip Morris International - after a sharp fall in January, the quarterly results disclosure by the leading international tobacco company, provided an opportunity to buy the shares.  Link here.

Syngenta - another agricultural theme related name I added too during the week, was the Swiss/US listed seeds/crop protection company, again after results.  Link here

Time Warner - the latest results highlight the continuing content/cash flow combination.  Link here.

Toyota - Japanese shares may have been volatile during the last week but Toyota upped their forecasts and this helped induce me to add to my position.   Link here.   

Short / sold -

RSA - following the sharp uplift in the shares in the UK insurer following the appointment of a new CEO Stephen Hester I sold about half my position at a good profit.

Volatility / VIX index - I sold a third of my volatility position following the bump of the VIX above the crucial 20.0 level (which it subsequently did not maintain)

Volvo - added to the short following results.  Link here

Unless otherwise mentioned, positions from previous weeks have been maintained.   Please see the other weekly trading summaries for details (under the label 'trades'). 

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