Sunday, 16 February 2014

The most popular posts of the last week

Here are the five most popular posts on the site over the last week...and a bonus prize of my favourite post from one which does not appear in the top five.

The most popular five articles on the site in the last week -

1. Why the energy company Apache looks good value on a sub book rating.  Link here.

2. Pepsi's quarterly report had a few surprises...and the net result was that I covered my short.  Link here

3. Rackspace has some great theme underpinnings but also a knack of being volatile.  Link here

4. Some thoughts on the numbers from the European companies Michelin and Metro was the fourth most popular post. 

5. A point Goldman Sachs' CEO and I agreed on last week also made the top five list.
And my favourite posting, over the last week, which did not make the top 5, is this link what the P&G numbers are saying for global consumer stocks. 

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