Sunday, 2 February 2014

The most popular posts of the last week

Here are the five most popular posts on the site over the last week...and a bonus prize of my favourite post from one which does not appear in the top five.

The most popular five articles on the site in the last week -

1. Drawing parallels between the decision by the Turkish Central Bank a week ago to hike interest rates aggressively and the unsustainable 1992 policy by the UK Treasury to support the Pound by hiking interest rates.  Link here

2. For the third week in a row, the November posting on fascinating employment market trends by Adecco is in in the top five.  Clearly this posting has been linked to via a third party site...not that anyone is telling me which one!  Link here.

3. Apple's quarterly disclosures are always big news.  Here was my take: link here.   

4. Some thoughts on the numbers from two of Europe's biggest industrial conglomerates (Philips and Siemens) was the fourth most popular posting of the week.  Link here.

5. Altria is a high yielding US focused tobacco company.  Here is a link to my analysis of the quarterly numbers (and why I bought more shares in the last week).   
And my favourite posting, over the last week, which did not make the top 5, are these multi-company earnings season postings where I take (usually) one key chart from the respective corporate presentation deck that provides real insight.  Links here, here and here

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