Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Charts today - Euro and Europe, interest burdens and property bubbles

Two interesting Europe-related charts to start off with.  Who knew that the average Euro / US Dollar cross rate since the launch of the Euro is 1.23.  My own view would be that the Euro should be nearer to 1.30 currently...

...driven by continued poor growth.  Yes the first 'synchronised growth' for the big four since early 2011 but after what has gone before, not that exciting an observation

Good graphic showing that interest payments do matter for the US budget deficit

Whenever I see something like this, the chances of an actual bubble have probably doubled!  This from the UAE...

 (h/t @focus_on_risk)


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  1. That is London's permanent real estate motto! lol Have u seen Billionaires Row, where the uber-rich keep dilapidated estates only for future price appreciation? Keiser Report mentioned it.