Saturday, 25 January 2014

The week in review - stocks and positions

The week in review - stocks and positions
At the end of each week I will briefly list some investment positions that I am - or have been - active in over the last week.  Again, the rationale is to share process and thoughts.  You know the disclaimer to the right.  

A weak last few days for global equity markets but, as the saying goes 'be fearful whilst others are greedy and greedy whilst others are fearful'.  Having built up index and individual equity shorts plus long gold and volatility positions over the last few months, this week was about opportunistically going long a few positions following research and/or price movements. 

Long / added to / closed -

Coach - weak US trading overhung the results from the aspirational fashion goods company.  I noted not only good non-US trading but also the share had fallen below the key US$50 level.  Link here

Kansas City Southern - the railroad operator, with thematically strong interests in US-Mexico trade/transport opportunities, fell 20% (at one point) on Friday after their quarterly earnings update which seemed an opportunity to initiate a position.  Detailed report to follow.

Pearson - a warning due to dull trading at their North America education unit induced an opportunity to buy a starter position.  Link here.

Remy Cointreau - an earnings - and executive - update meant there was an opportunity to augment my position in the French listed spirits company.  Link here.   

SAB Miller - a solid update but some share price weakness due to generalised market issues led to a position initiation opportunity.  Link here

Syngenta - a negative reaction to news of a constraint on the sale/marketing of one of their products led to weakness in the shares which fell, in the US, below the key US$75 level.

Short / sold -


Unless otherwise mentioned, positions from previous weeks have been maintained.   Please see the other weekly trading summaries for details (under the label 'trades'). 

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