Sunday, 19 January 2014

The most popular posts of the last week

Here are the five most popular posts on the site over the last week...and a bonus prize of my favourite post from one which does not appear in the top five.

The most popular five articles on the site in the last week -

1. Very surprisingly, the most popular post over the last week was written in November and concerned the Swiss recruitment company Adecco, the rise of temporary employment and the contrast between the US and Europe.  Link here.  An important subject and macroeconomic trend...but it raises the question of why suddenly people are looking at it now?!

2. China and gold sector M&A inspired this piece

3. Post their quarterly numbers disclosure, the investment manager Blackrock and passive investment is talked about here.  Link here.

4. Another disappointing update from Intel inspired this posting

5. The summary of trades undertaken over the last week also made the top five list.  Link here.

And my favourite posting, over the last week, which did not make the top 5, is this one about the US corporate behemoth General Electric and why the key for them in 2014 is...simplification.  Link here.

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